This is an ONgoing project.

Many complained, that the Teleki Shtiebel, the community, the reasons, causes and romance is not representable in the XXI st century. Though the community had a blog in Hungarian for years, also a Facebook group also in Hungarian, this all was closed from the eyes of the world.

From a friend’s donation we could start to build up the websites we needed, to show the world what we do, what we did, what it is all about. We created a site for the community: in English and in Hungarian, and a site for the foundation: (short: in English and (short: in Hungarian.

Research project (Hungarian):
Conference (Hungarian):
Documentary (English):
Documentary (Hungarian):

Buried Synagogue (Hungarian):

With time, we try to upload all related information on our projects and community work.

And as you might probably know, a website is never finished…