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Jakab Gláser

22 September 1912 — 6 December 2006

Jakab Gláser, at the age 94, at the lake Balaton in a cakeshop

Jakab Gláser, at the age 94, at the lake Balaton in a cakeshop

The life of Jakab Gláser

Jakab Gláser was born on 22 September 1912 in Budapest, into a wealthy carpenter family. He had two siblings: Miksa and Gizella. They always helped each other and had a good relationship. Jakab was the youngest child int the family.

The ancestors of the family were carpenters, thus Jakab Gláser learned and continued that profession. He worked in his own small workhouse and a wood co-operative as carpentry and  machine workers.

He was not able to acquire higher qualifications because of the economic crisis and WW II. Ensure the livelihood of the family was the most important for him.

He married Ilona Schwartz in 1945. Their child, Tamás was born in 1949. They made efforts to give him everything, depending on the material possibilities. Jakab’s wife, Ilona died in 1994.

Family and friends were the most important for him. He worked to help them even the last years of his life. Jakab Gláser died on 4 December 2006. He had a lot of purpose in life but his body was tired and frayed off.

He was religious from birth and the religious community of Teleki Tér Shtiebel was important for him. He was very popular among young people. He was a role model for a lot of people.

The lot of people: family, friends, members of religious community and many young people preserve the memory of Jakab Gláser. The foundation named after him would like to preserve and pass on his human and spiritual values, thought and way of life, relationship to religion and modernity.

2010 Budapest

Tamás Gláser, founder