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Aims and activities

Jewish religion and traditions

  • education, raising culture awareness, the Jewish religion and culture, organizing community programs
  • fostering of religious and cultural heritage of the Jiddishkeit
  • facilitate the exercise of religion
  • organize and conduct religious services
  • editing and publishing of Jewish religional, and educational publications

The rehabilitation and operation of the Teleki Tér Shtiebel

  • To make The Teleki Tér Shtiebel suitable to prayer and community activities
  • Guarding and invigorating the traditions of oratory of the Shtiebel
  • Restoration, conservation, exhibition, -if possible- making suitable for use of the original devotional objects (Torah, Torah, jewelry, candle holders, wall plaques, etc) equipment (benches, cabinets, Torah, etc) and use of objects (prayer books, tefilim, etc),
  • Operation of the Shtiebel, development

Organizing community life of the Shtiebel, programs

  • social support (financial and material) of the community members
  • Creating community space, and operating it
  • Organization of religious ceremonies
  • Organizing community and cultural programs

Collecting, archiving, publishing

  • Guarding and invigorating the traditions of oratory of the Shtiebel
  • Searching for memories, reconstructing and documenting of the area’s prewar vibrant cultural and Jewish community life,
  • The typical neighborhood, homes operating in prayer houses (lakásimaházak) cultures, traditions, memories of exploring Archive
  • Review, Summarizing and  documenting ofJakab Gláser’s life and pro community activities
  • Summarizing the results of research and publication of the outcome
  • publishing, book publishing

Grant, and fund raising

  • from members
  • through tenders
  • government support
  • Jewish organizations (eg Mazsihisz)
  • 1% of the end of the eligibility period of collection
  • organizing volunteer work for the community