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GJEA logo 200px high ENJakab Gláser Memorial Foundation was established in 2010.

The foundation is the non-profit organisation (NGO) of the community of the Teleki Tér Shtiebel, Budapest, Hungary. For more information on the Shtiebel’s life, visit

The foundation is called named after the late Jakab Gláser without whom the shtiebel would have closed down decades ago. Jakab Gláser was the heart of the Teleki Tér Shtiebel for decades.

The Shtiebel is a Jewish room of prayers, on these pages we also refer to it as
-Teleki tér
-the Synagogue
-the Shul
-our temple

Name of the NGO: Gláser Jakab Emlékalapítvány / Jakab Gláser Memorial Foundation
Founder: Tamás Gláser 
Seat:  Apt. 13, 2nd floor, 23 Práter Str., Budapest, H-1082, Hungary
Postal address: Apt. 2/a, fl. 4, 9 Wesselényi str., Budapest, H-1077, Hungary

Chairman of the Board of Trustees: bor Mayer
Members of the Board of Trustees: Sándor Feldmájer, András Mayer, Rabbi Sholom Hurwitz, Ágnes Simor
phone: +36-70-932-80-58
regitration #: 11.096
VAT #: HU18039355
PIC: 938604690
Name on the account: Gláser Jakab Emlékalapítvány
K&H Bank BIC/Swift code: OKHBHUHB
IBAN: HU75 1040 0126 5051 5355 5649 1020 (EUR)
IBAN: HU70 1040 0126 5051 5355 5649 1013 (HUF)
Bank address: Károly körút 17-19., Budapest, Hungary, H-1075