The Blue Room

We explored the so called Blue Room, in 2005.

The blue room is the original women’s section of the Shtiebel. Being an ortodox hasid prayer house, women were separated not only with a curtain, but with a wall, that had a door and windows on it. The room has not been used for about 25 years, since the community grew smaller and smaller during the time of the communist regime and women took over half of the men’s part of the prayer room.

The room got it’s name after it’s special painting pattern, a blue base David’s star wallpaper looking roll paint that was made with a custom made painting roll.

There were several leaking water pipes, of which one destroyed the entrance door of the shul, by watering it thru decades. See more at The Door project.

In 2008 we applied for financial supply from MAZSIHISZ, the congregation of Hungarian Jewish communities, and gained about 1,000,000,- HUF (aprox. 4,500USD) for restoration.

In the end of 2009 we received this money, and the community donated the same amount 1,000,000,- HUF (aprox. 4,500USD) so the restoration started.

In 2010 we had the chimney insulated (25m) from private donation (2,000 USD) of the community.

In 2011 we had the gas pipes and the heating boiler installed. The electric system of the room had to be replaced in order to be able to handle an electric oven that we received from donation. We also installed a Shabbat timer to switch the lamps on and off at the right times. All this from private donations, all together about 5,000 USD.

In 2011 the missing or ruined window frames got supplemented with new ones. The the door of the room got fixed. All this was done Pro bono by a gentleman who, being a furniture restorer, started to restore the original pieces of furniture of the shul in June 2011. (See our furniture restoration project.)

Aim of the restoration

Our goal with restoring the unused blue room was to:

  • create a space that can be used for community activities,
  • create a clean space for playing babies, children who might come along with the parents
  • create a rest room, that meets the XX and XXI century minimum standards
  • create a kosher kitchen with a sink, hot water, cholent heater, plate, oven, stove top, microwave and oven that can support the community activities

Phase of the restoration

  • the insulation of the floor and the walls is done
  • roll painting similar to original (made with the original roll)
  • wood and tile flooring in the kitchen area
  • proper kitchen with sink, with microwave, plate and cholent cooker, gas stove top, electric oven, refrigerator and freezer
  • shabes proof electric water heater, for washing the dishesm and to wash hands (in the winter it is essential)
  • insulation of the 25 m tall chimney for the new central heating system
  • boiler for the heating system is installed
  • gas pipes are built to the new boiler
  • timer is installed for switching the lights on holidays
  • central heating for the room and the women’s section

We were able to keep several holidays, and programs in this room, despite the fact, that it is not finished. See more at the Shul’s website in the EVENTS section.

Steps to be made

  • proper roll paint, that is identical to the original
  • minor fixes (painting of door and windows proper rest room door, shelves for the storage chamber next to the rest room etc.)

Pictures and details of the exploration and restoration: