Restoration of original furniture

With the help of member, who is a furniture restorer, we mengaed to restore multiple items of the furniture.

The bima is a different story. Read it here!

First two armchairs and the chazan’s pulpit, the AMUD got restored (post with images in Hungarian).


The Torah ark arrives to it’s new home, the Aurora

The shul has two sets of a Torah ark (aron hakodesh) and Torah reader (bima). When the shul in Dobozi street closed in the 1970’s, their set came along with the Torah scrolls and some other pieces of furniture. The Torah ark of Dobozi got fixed and it is lent to the religious community in Moishe House, that recently moved to our neighborhood, the Dor haDash community, and they moved the Torah Ark with them to their new home, the Auróra community space.

A smaller reader (amud) has been restored recently.

Benches in the women’s section needed more thorough fixing, one of the benches was turned removable so during bigger events moving between the rooms is easier and there is more room.

Smaller fixes on the bench doors (magnetic locks on cabinets), seats (fixed broken ones, replaced hinges etc.) were done.