N’si — Sisterhood project

History of the Nsi, The Women’s Club of Teleki tér

Tradition of the Nsí, the Women’s Club of Teleki tér dates back to the traditional female tasks of the 1920s, but draw extensively of the tasks of the organizations established to assist the groups stripped of their livelihoods after the 1938 anti-Jewish laws.

Jewish women’s associations in Hungary can be found from the 1880’s onward well documented at the Shtibels and Synagogues. Jews living in the diaspora considered philanthropy as their main task. The Tzedakah, or donation is a cornerstone in the survival of the community.

As president of the Women’s Club I also started to explore my own family’s past, and I realized that I am related to the former vice-president of the Józsefváros Jewish Women’s Association located in the 8th District of Budapest, so it can be seen as a family motivation to organize the  Teleki Square community.

The turning point in our recent history was around 2008, when on Saturdays there were so many women and girls at the services, that we decided to organise them in a Club.

Our first task was to facilitate the Saturday kiddush. Later, as our group grew, so did our tasks. We took part in the renovations in 2009: the Women’s area, neglected for 25 years was renovated into a new community area with our help, with our planning and taste. Once we had a new, kosher kitchen, we were able to hold kosher cooking workshops.

Programs of the Women’s Club:

  • Healthy Jewish Kitchen objective
  • Assisting in the refurbishment of the kosher Kitchen of the shul
  • Cooking classes, Chala baking
  • Lectures: What’s Kosher? The role of Jewish homemaking and women
  • Cooking and baking workshops, organizing and managing event preparations
  • Event management: All holidays are celebrated together at the Shtibel
  • Fundraising: collecting donation for the renovation, kitchen appliances, furniture
  • Continuous participation with self-created programs in conferences and events related to the community
  • Visiting the sick (bikkur cholim)
  • Winter clothing donation charity

Anna Gabányi
Head of the Women’s Club