Teleki’44 research

This is an ONgoing project.

Teleki ’44 project

hiSTORY of the shul and it’s neighborhood

One of our most resource dependent projects is the research and documentation of the story and history of Teleki tér shtiebel and it’s neighborhood.

Our main goal in this project is to research and document the history of Teleki Square and the shul itself during the 20th century.

This square and the neighborhood with it’s unique background and history – compared to other Jewish neighborhoods in Budapest – has been under-documented by historians, anthropologists and sociologists, therefore research and documentation has a vital importance.
As a result of the documentation process apart from the scientific papers we wish to publish a photo book, a thematic essay book while the creation of a documentary film is under way.
The project will enable us to reach the last ones of the generation that can still remember and are able to tell the stories about the shul and Teleki square and then to document this outstanding oral history. Nevertheless the project enables us to collect all written and printed materials from archives of the local government, the Jewish community, in libraries and create an exceptional collection. During the course of the project we will publish books, photo albums, make documentary films, organize meetings, events and attend to all sorts of different events, conferences.

Any stories or photos that any of you may be able to contribute to this effort would be of great help. Please contact us at:

In December, 2012 due to a EU grant (EACEA) we go on with the project with a greater velocity.

See the newsletters published during the research project here.

Out partners in the project (in alphabetical order):

Art Sector alapítvány
Bét Orim Reform Zsidó Közösség
Beyond Budapest Sightseeing – Horizone kft.
Centropa Magyarország Non-profit kft.
Izraeli Kulturális Intézet
MTA Társadalomtudományi Kutatóközpont – Szociológiai Intézet
Múlt és Jövő Lap és Könyvkiadó
Páva utcai zsinagóga
Sochnut Jewish Agency – MiNYanim

Read more about the founders of the Shtiebel, and their descendants we managed to track down on the Shtiebel’s website.