Budapest100 (2014)

bp100The members of Gláser Jakab Memorial Foundation organized two guided local history tours within the confines of Budapest100 in 2014.

The guided tour entitled “Nem szaroztak, ezek vagány zsidók voltak”  (They didn’ mock around, these were cool hand Jews) presented the 1944 events of 8th District of Budapest, the stories of yellow-star houses, survival with fake foreign documents (Schutzpass and Schutzbrief) and Jewish resistance in Népszínház street. The guides were Kata E. Fris, Szilvia Lelkes and Tamás Adler.

The other toor, entitled Ószeresek, handlék, zsibárusok (Hucksters, paddlers, junkmen) presented the stories of former Teleki Sqaure flea market, retailers, crafts, kosher shops, cafes and restaurants. The tour was guided by Nóra Margitta.

Photos by Hajnal Fekete