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General maintenance

February 14, 2018

we opened the fusebox, and the burnt down wires smiled back at us

when we opened the fusebox, the burnt down wires smiled back at us
(January 2010)

The foundation maintains every technical aspects of the Teleki Tér Shtiebel.

This contains replacement of dead light bulbs, fix broken chairs, furniture, fix all electric, water and drain failures that occurs from time to time.

Tales of Teleki tér in the Mediawave Festival

April 20, 2017

On 27 April the 27th Mediawave International Film and Music Gathering begins  in Komárom at Monostori Erőd. This year 1374 film entries have been selected with works from all around the world featuring short fiction, animated and experimental films and documentaries.

The great news is that our documentary movie, Tales of Teleki tér has been invited for the domestic and international competition (World and Images block) program of Mediawave Festival.
Let’s meet at the screening on 27 April at 8PM and on 29 April 29 4PM in Komárom, Hungary!

SOS International: Bridging Jewish Communities

March 23, 2017

On February 16 and March 22 we received the members of SOS International: Bridging Jewish Communities in Budapest at the Teleki Tér Shtiebel.

SOS International  is a not for profit organization that connects American Jewry with European Jewry through structured educational, social and humanitarian programs.  SOS programs thereby strengthen European Jewish identity, improve the delivery of Jewish educational services within selected European Jewish communities, foster greater cultural and spiritual linkages between American Jewry and European Jewish communities.

We had very instructive two afternoons with them at the Teleki, where in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere we shared our  history and vision of the Shtiebel and the Foundation for teachers, artists and  other representatives of different organizations. Following that we also had time for contemplating in small groups when we asked for their opinions on our current and future projects and asked them about their  experiences in building organization. It was a pleasure to see the attention and  enthusiasm which they shared their useful suggestions. We hope we can count on their help in the future. And of course, we thank them for the beautiful new books we got.

Photograph by András Mayer and SOS International


The Westbury Group

January 10, 2017

In 2017 the Gláser Jakab Memorial Foundation was selected to the Contiuned Excellence program of the Westbury Group (supporting the Jewish life of Europe), which provides significant support  in the work of the foundation  and the long-term development of our organization.

Our Foundation has been participating in Westbury’s annual training and seminars for years,  the next will be in Budapest in early February when we come together from all around Europe with representatives of smaller Jewish organizations to exchange our experiences and experiences.