Teleki-Detectivity – a mystery comes to life

Teleki- Detectivity is an interactive detective game where the participants become part of the story. In this local history game developed by the Jakab Glaser Memorial Foundation and team Detectivity you’ll have to solve a long bygone mystery. Lots of team building, creativity with an ideal mixture of logics and imagination is involved.

In this guided walking tour you can get to know the area of the Synagogue through interesting stories and tales.

The once vibrant marketplace used to be the meeting place of really exciting personalities therefore it is a huge source of gripping stories.
At this exuberant marketplace anything could be traded and found. But what are the true stories of the neighborhood?

The game unraveling a time – a period of peaceful coexistence of different ethnic and religious groups is a perfect tool for teaching tolerance-sensitivity.
Through the story of the Jews of the area you’ll learn about life stories of people from the early 20th century. The community of the last Sephardic prayer house of Teleki Square explored these special life journeys of the area together with the HAS Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Sociology.

The game itself takes place at Teleki’s former exuberant marketplace where Jews from all over the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy came to try their luck and make a living as an artisan a vendor or a handle. Here one could find the notorious market Tango with its cattle, poultry and used things sections. This bustling atmosphere will be evoked to the participants. The players being Time Travellers in Teleki-Detectivity Interactive Game will find lots of interesting stories and have an opportunity to reveal the secret of past and present.

Imagination or reality? You are to solve a mysterious case.
An interactive detective game where you can also be an actor of the story.

Mail to to join the game.

Min. 7 persons per groups.

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Skills you might find useful:

  • Cooperation
  • Concentration
  • Mindful communication
  • Attention to details
  • Logic
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Intelligence

Skills you might aquire

  • Team play
  • Attention
  • Interactive skills
  • Improvisation
  • Group dynamics
  • Conscious thinking
  • Trust
  • Local history
  • Associative learning skills
  • Language skills


  • Age min. 14 yrs
  • for groups of 10 to 15
  • 2 parallel groups of maximum 15-15 players
  • Suggested for A perfect tool for teaching local history
  • Can be played in English
  • Qualified guides, professional actors and drama pedagogy teachers